Cerlic specializing in optical sensors for monitoring Sludge, TSS, DO. CEC also monitors pH, ORP, and many other parameters. All the sensors are stainless steel and have self cleaning mechanism. Cerlic has an objective to contribute globally to minimize pollution to lakes, rivers and seas by manufacturing and high-quality products that make municipal water & wastewater and Industrial processes smooth and more efficient.

Dräger manufactures industrial safety products that protect, support, and save people's lives. For more than 125 years, Dräger has offered some of the most technologically advanced industrial safety equipment in the world. We offer a wide range of fixed & portable systems for gas detection Drager is 125 years old trusted company which offers wide range of Fixed and Portable Gas Detectors for Municipal, Industrial and Commercial sectors.

Thermo Fisher Scientific manufactures process analytical systems and equipment’s to handle various water & waste water application. The company offers instruments which would resolve challenges in various treatment processes to deliver best results and help you achieve your water analysis goals. Thermo Fisher Scientific Orion Anlyzers are world renowned for process measurement and liquid analysis.

Protea has complete solutions for emission, process and environmental monitoring. The company is specialist in designing, manufacturing and supply of CEMs systems & process analyzers systems around the globe. We offer analyzers for applications such as incinerators, landfills, marine, power plants, etc. Protea has always remained the first choice for emissions monitoring systems.

ScaleBlaster is revolutionizing the way businesses, industry and homeowners, solve lime scale and hard water issues. Company has worldwide success with its non-intrusive approach to solving hard water problems as is no Maintenance, Chemicals or Salt required and not evenfilters to change.

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