We offer a wide variety of support options during multiple project phases.

Reduce start-up time to full capacity with effective, factory trained experienced resources to ensure proper instrumentation installation, set-up, calibration and operation.
When you are faced with start-up and commissioning, a lot is riding on your ability to get up and running on time and within budget. Every hour past the start-up deadline means lost revenue or worse, potential penalties.
Whether you’re starting up a new or reconstructed plant or updated process, look to IndusControl Services for support on your process Instrumentation and regulator assets.
Using our proven, streamlined planning and consistent commissioning processes implemented by effective, factory-certified technicians experience Technicians. They can identify and help reduce your potential regulatory, installation, and operational risks early to ensure a safe, timely start-up.
Factory-certified Experienced technicians use their specialized expertise and a strong quality, environmental, safety, and health (QESH) focus on-site as they pour over the many details that ensure your assets are properly installed, set up, and calibrated to help protect them and your personnel, so your start-up is a complete success.
After your start-up is complete. Experienced technicians issue a comprehensive “as-found/as-left” report that includes all diagnostics and data-driven recommendations for ongoing proactive maintenance planning for promoting asset lifecycle management — to maximize uptime and throughput.


Ensure Safety
  • Staff with a high level of safety training and safety awareness
  • Diagnostics and testing of all field equipment before start-up ensures proper installation and safe operation
  • Standardization of start-up and commissioning procedures across all service centers and on-site
  • Fast, easy access to equipment information through standardized documentation with enforced data integrity
  • QMS-based comprehensive, as-built, documentation with “as-found/as-left” testing information and recommendations
Reduce Time to Market
  • Standard work plan with the appropriate attention given to specific critical applications
  • Reduce unscheduled work and rework through early issue identification and resolution of potential problems before initiation of start-up and commissioning
  • Tailorable services to meet your plant and process needs
  • Factory-certified Experienced technicians provide technical expertise, experience, and time to properly install, calibrate, and configure your process and factory Instrumentation
  • Real-time status reports and commissioning checklists such as loop validation and valve signature tests
Cost Avoidance
  • On-site consigned start-up parts inventory management ensures every asset and its parts are accounted for as work progresses
  • Eliminate potential delays and associated costs by pre-ordering parts to mitigate expedited shipping fees
  • All instruments and accessories checked for functionality and calibration
  • Experienced, local factory-certified technicians provide highly skilled installation, calibration and configuration of valves, actuators, instruments and regulators
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