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Process Range and Instrumentation Control
Process Instrumentation Calibration And Verification
On Demand Preventative Maintenance
Start-up, Commissioning & Training
Instrumentation Audit & Documentation
Process Range and Instrumentation Control
We provide professional electrical, instrumentation, and control services with genuine personal attention to customers.
At Indus Control, we ensure safe and efficient industrial processes with the highest-quality engineered products to measure and control flow, level, pressure, temperature, and more! We’re proud to offer the highest-quality engineered products for measuring and controlling your process variables. Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll show you how to process instrumentation can streamline your business.
Our service doesn’t stop with a transaction. We have the application knowledge to back up our sales and provide technical support behind the products we sell. Our technical support is available to assure problem-free installation & troubleshooting. Our team members have diverse technical backgrounds and industry experience. We will match your specific process measurement, mechanical valve, and automation application with the right products and provide technical support to ensure safe and efficient installation.
Process Instrumentation Calibration – Verification
Guarantee process compliance through calibration and verification services, performed by factory-certified specialists. Thorough, concise and easy-to-understand documentation will ensure your safety and compliance requirements are met.
Ensuring your processes are operating effectively and accurately requires instrument verification and often re-calibration. Municipal and industrial sector annual instrument and equipment verification is often required through governing regulations.
IndusControl has experienced and certified technicians to perform diagnostic services required for these assets. Whether verification, re-calibration, repair or replacement, IndusControl will provide a detailed report with recommended options to meet or succeed your process objectives. The report structure has been developed to be an easy-to-read document using simplified categorization (Red/Yellow/Green). Asset lifecycles and data-driven information will also support the details and recommendations within the report.
At IndusControl, we have the expertise to calibrate a wide variety of your instrumentation assets. We perform the calibrations using test equipment that has been setup using verifiable and traceable means to meet industry standards.
For those assets requiring repair or overhaul, IndusControl has the services necessary to complete these functions. Through product knowledge and expertise, most recent technology calibration equipment, and quality assurance processes, we will ensure your service work increases overall process efficiency and effectiveness, plant safety, and compliance.
Contact our experts and let us take care of all of the products and services necessary to meet your control and instrumentation requirements.
● Certified & Over 30 Years experienced Technicians
● Proactive diagnostics to help improve calibration and repair effectiveness and efficiency
● Unmatched depth and breadth of industry expertise, product knowledge, and application experience
● OEM parts and replacement units when and where you need them
SCADA Master Plan
and Maintenance
The best application of the supervisory control and data acquisition system components, ensure the continuity of a water and wastewater plant or complex industries operational success.
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems have been around for over half a century providing real-time data from the field to operators. SCADA systems incorporate a growing plethora of monitoring devices and sensors that provide a staggering number of inputs and outputs. From chemical usage, to power consumption, to inlet-outlet pressures, and so on.
SCADA systems are used by industrial organizations and companies in the public and private sectors to control and maintain efficiency, distribute data for smarter decisions, and communicate system issues to help mitigate downtime. SCADA systems work well in many different types of enterprises because they can range from simple configurations to large, complex installations.
Start-up, Commissioning And Training
When you are faced with start-up and commissioning, a lot is riding on your ability to get up and running on time and within budget. The resulting loss of solid start-up practices can lead to poor execution, which increases safety and compliance concerns, reduces post-start-up reliability and leads to timely delays.
Attempting to execute start-up and commission without an established process plan is the fastest way to miss your deadline, overrun your budget and reduce post-start equipment failure. IndusControl representatives are here to support your needs, whether starting up new or reconstructed processes, or replacing instrumentation to ensure process efficiency or compliance. Using our proven, streamlined planning and consistent commissioning processes, our technicians will be there to identify and reduce your potential installation, operation and regulatory risks while ensuring a timely and safe start-up.
We work in parallel with construction efforts and partner with your team to minimize downtime, enhance reliability and finish ahead or on-schedule.
Once start-up and commissioning is complete, we provide debriefing of personnel and turn over the closeout documentation to ensure your system is well-documented and sustainable. Traceable commissioning documentation is essential to maintaining regulatory compliance, but also makes maintenance requirements much easier in the future.
At IndusControl, we believe in fostering partnerships with our customers through collaboration, quality and professionalism.
It takes time and effort to proactively manage a project. Effective initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closure are the keys to a successful project. At IndusControl, we understand the needs of our customers and offer exceptional project management services to manage and mitigate risks, address issues proactively and effectively manage costs to ensure the overall success of your project.
Our services will provide:
● Leadership: Able to motivate and inspire to achieve the project objectives
● Communication: Engaging all stakeholders to ensure project buy-in
● Expertise: Knowledge and understanding of municipal and industrial sectors
● Credibility: Will deliver the agreed scope within set parameters and timeframes
● Problem solving: We will solve problems, not create future problems
● Documentation: Provide clear, concise and thorough project documentation upon project closure
Instrumentation Audit & Documentation
Providing quality information at the right time, ensures the project is traceable, focused and paves the way for project success.
In today’s business, organizations are faced with ever-growing and changing requirements to meet safety and regulatory compliance standards. Thorough documentation produced by certified technicians, provides the verification that is necessary to satisfy these requirements. IndusControl will ease the burden of identifying, completing and distributing of all relevant information pertaining to the services being provided.
Our documentation services will provide:
● Ensures detailed project objectives
● Project planning and status transparency
● Confirms governance in place
● Facilitates stakeholder communication
● Effective resource planning and assignments
● Helps incorporate necessary changes
● Overall project completion and customer satisfaction
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